Stranger Chorus: Brexit can never prevent the flow of great British music into EU...

Could James Addy and Luke Watson, collectively known as Stranger Chorus, be the next UK act to make an impact across the Channel? From Merseybeat through Punk, New Wave, and Britpop British artistes have dominated the global music scene for decades, and despite Brexit there is no suggestion whatsoever that this may change.

James and Luke both hail from Barnsley in South Yorkshire - also birthplace of the legendary Heavy Metal band Saxon - and met while studying at Nottingham Trent university.

Their very first song was picked up and aired by the BBC, and as James told us "the gigs just started to come..."

The guys write all their own material, and clearly draw from home grown influences such as Oasis, the Arctic Monkeys, and US synthesisers The Killers. James also admits that his early exposure to Bowie and T. Rex left a lasting impression on him.

We discussed the changing landscape of pop music: instead of being dominated by the industry, and by promoters, modern technology makes it easier for artistes to record, and to promote their music. "Social media makes everything accessible," said James. "Everything is at our fingertips."

Stranger Chorus' latest self-penned release - Limo - has just been released, slightly later than planned due to video production being delayed due to COVID restrictions.

More is to come, with the next release planned for the early Summer.

When not writing, recording, or playing, Luke is a journalist with the Barnsley Chronicle, and James is a teacher.

A little back story here: when it comes to musical influences, James himself has music in his DNA.

He is the grandson of "wizard of music" composer and conductor George Thompson MBE, decorated by the Queen for his services to music, and remembered as the man behind the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, which to this day is the most famous brass band in the world, and "a unique cultural asset” according to Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, himself a former Master of the Queen's music.

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