'Who Am I? Where Am I?', asks author Mouna Saquaque

Mouna Saquaque, a gifted young writer from Morocco, has just published 'Who Am I? Where Am I? From a Human Perspective', the first of a series of books in which she shares her “exploration of the nature of Reality”, a literary project born in January 2016.

EUToday was very pleased to interview the author, to talk about her early literary influences, and to get an insight into her motives behind what is an extraordinarily deep and existential work.

“Who am I? Where am I? From a Human perspective, is actually the short version of all the questions my book aims to answer,” she told us.What am I supposed to do? Is there a way to do the things right? Does happiness exist? How can I reach it? Is my life a series of randomness causes and effects or is there a meaning to all this happening? Did my life start at my birth or before and will I survive my physical death? In my book I share some conclusions and understandings about these topics and other existential and practical questions I have about life.”

We discussed the relationship between the individual human and the greater force that we may refer to as “mother nature.”

My understanding is that myself and nature are not two. We are one. I have arisen from the big bang, with nature we are one.. I have a responsibility, am I in harmony, in coherence with the rules of nature?

Asked if there was any one particular idea in her work that she would like to express she said I would definitely say the chapter on consciousness, although rationalising or putting words on consciousness is quite a delicate matter. So yes, consciousness is the most important thing that I would like people to aware of. Pure consciousness is a place of no-thing meaning there is no object to experience, it is the state of pure being. Still without consciousness there is no experiencing of a world of objects. A mind, a body, a world is the activity of consciousness and allows me to experience reality.

“Self-knowledge gained by a human navigating on earth is a powerful transformational experience… It helps to shutter against agitation and to attain a certain peace of mind as we go about life. Also, installing happiness step by step by laying unshakable foundation by knowing our true Nature, and by that I mean: I am not the body, I am not my emotions, I am not my mind and cannot be anything that I am able to observe.”

Mouna Saquaque Book Cover

Mouna told us that her greatest inspiration is spirit itself: “whether or not you believe in a spiritual realm, the greats that existed, those who exist and those who are yet to come do leave a mist in our reality for those who want to perceive it. Nature and the Cosmos have so much things to unveil to us. And I find it wonderful to just think about it.

"If I really love someone, I would like for him or her to really know that “I”, meaning consciousness, is supra existence, that their life doesn’t just happen to them.

“I would also want them to drop duality between science, spirituality, philosophy and religion and life. But to know that there are different types of layers and therefore different purposes to life. To understand that life is a big puzzle where each area has a place.

"Being inclusive in our thinking, having an open mind helps us understanding why certain things that appear in our experience and yet contradicts our beliefs exist in the first place and what role they hold in the Nature of Reality.”

Everyone has the right and the duty to attain Peace of mind and happiness during their lifetime.

In response to a question regarding Morocco’s policy of liberalisation and secularism, instigated by King Mohammed VI, Mouna said that “I feel now that people are more ready now to be open and to talk about different things. I can talk about different things, I can express myself… I feel safe.”

And Mouna’s advice to her readers? “If you have been taking care of yourself up to now, and that just means sustaining your life existence even when things don’t seem to be going so right for you, then chances are that you do want to get your life right. And my advice for that is: know yourself. Go easy about it, step by step, and remember that you started playing in a game before knowing the rules.”


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