Soccer legend Alan Shearer on the Qatar World Cup

England footballing legend Alan Shearer has weighed in on the debate over the wisdom of awarding World Cup 2022 to Qatar - an Islamic state with an appalling human fights track record.

Commenting on the opening match between the hosts and Ecuador he said "every country has its own issues, including our own. We are far from perfect.

"But we were there in 2010 when Qatar was awarded the World Cup and were as surprised as anyone. It was announced as a summer World Cup, air conditioned stadiums, air conditioned fan fests.

"Then six years later, it is announced it'll be played in winter. Three months ago, it is announced the first game is moved and 11 of those 22 members who voted have either been sanctioned, fined or banned for life from football.

"That is where we are with this World Cup."

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