Balkanization: The newest read exposes U.S. and NATO underhandedness in Former Yugoslavia

This is the 11th book by American born Serbian journalist and author, a double victim of Balkan Genocide. He wrote for The American Srbobran for a dozen years during the dismemberment war in former Yugoslavia and the killing of 97,000 victims in Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo.

In 1942 Mr. Dorich lost 17 members of his family to Croatian Nazis and in 1995 during "Operation Storm" when 230,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from Croatia he lost the last 5 relatives to his name.

This book gives more current and relative information that Ms. Amanpour, a Muslim, participated in "Omission journalism" rarely experiencing any eye witness battles, relying on Muslim runners to collect the data for her "nightly news" on CNN.

Balkanization Cover

The book also exposes the $19 Billion Dollar Blackmail of President Clinton who convinced King Fahd not to buy his aircraft from France but from the USA that included a stipulation that "he, Clinton, and the US would would fully support the Muslim cause in Bosnia." The NYT wrote about this purchase but only about the $6 billion in aircraft—not the $13 Billion the Saudi government purchased in weapons. Clinton said in his speech at the 50th anniversary of NATO... "The NATO block would intervene wherever and whenever it chose to.” So America signed these treaties that the following presidents would not be obligated to support? Serbia did not violate article 5 of the NATO Treaty, they did not attack or invade any country. Clinton ignored, the UN Charter, The NATO Treaty, the Helsinki Final Act and The Geneva Conventions.

NATO’s secret losses.

Clinton lied to the American public when he told the nation that the “U.S./NATO forces had no human losses during the Balkan war.” Truth in Media reported on August 29, 2006, two new credible stories regarding NATO’s secret losses. The Serbian Air Force staged two raids into Bosnia and Albania, destroying a score of NATO aircraft on the ground.

The first strike on April 18, 1999, took place at the Tuzla airport in northeastern Bosnia. A strike force, consisting of six Eagles J22, two MIG 21s, and one Seagull G4, assembled at the Ponikve airport near Uzice, and flew low and undetected—as the Tuzla airport radar was sabotaged by a Serb-strike that damaged NATO aircraft on the ground at exactly 1:30 pm.

The entire operation lasted only 15 minutes, and 17 NATO planes and three rescue helicopters were totally destroyed, and ammunition and fuel explosions also took out two transport aircraft. Eleven NATO personnel were killed—including officers, pilots, and ground personnel. The Tuzla airport was not used again for the balance of the war.

Gen. Mihailovich helped rescue over 500 Downed American Fliers in WWII. President Truman gave him the Legion of Merit Award, two years after he was killed by Tito's Communist firing squad in 1946 and that award was kept secret for 20 years .... Our U.S. officials saying arrogantly, "They did not wish to offend the new Tito government." But Americans did not hesitate for a moment to offend and express outrage that a Saudi Prince murdered a journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.


The reader concerned to look beyond the war propaganda exuded by the likes of Miss Amanpour of CNN will see the machinations that led to a decade of unnecessary misery in the 1990s, the ethnic cleansing of 230,000 Serbs from Croatia and the deaths of 97,000 victims in the Balkans, the results of which haunt Europe today---and threaten to return with a vengeance tomorrow.

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