Czech Singer-Songwriter Vaclav Polansky Delivers Another Healing Release Through His Project Dava

A unique music project inspired by spirituality, conscious lifestyle, sustainability, and nature, Dava details the unfolding musical journey of Czech singer-songwriter Vaclav Polansky. After delivering his stellar debut album in March of 2021, Vaclav has continued to explore the healing powers of music, creating moving indie releases that speak straight to the heart and soul of every listener.

Now, Dava is ready to unveil the latest release in his journey, with ‘Be Still’ set to be released on Friday, the 12th of August 2022, and can be pre-saved now on Spotify.

Inspired by his own spiritual journey, the music of Dava explore topics such as spirituality, sustainability, and nature, creating a holistic sound that echoes with healing tones. Named for the Hindu word for medicine, Dava’s music is all recorded using A- 432 Hz tuning, a frequency known to promote healing, reduce anxiety, and increase mental clarity.

In true form, ‘Be Still’ was written and recorded with the intention of providing a healthy effect to the listener, delivering a moving, acoustic sound that grows and transforms with ease. An effortless and wonderfully textured piece, the single builds from solitary, atmospheric tones and the open sounds of nature, building a gentle foundation that is both seamless and melodic. From there, Vaclav builds a brilliant acoustic melody, mixing soft guitar chords with serene vocals to create a truly calming and expressive piece.

Produced by the talented Ben Wilson from Acre Base studio, ‘Be Still’ is a joy to experience, adding to the journey and creative vision of Dava in perfect form. A brilliant release with the power to help other people find their spiritual paths, ‘Be Still’ is a gorgeous new composition with unique acoustic sounds and heartfelt, authentic lyrics.

Along with the release of ‘Be Still’ on Friday, the 12th of August this year, Vaclav will also be sharing the official music video on the same day, so make sure you follow Dava’s social media pages below so you don’t miss the release.

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