Whisper it quietly.. but Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming (or it will be soon) so time maybe for some forward planning.

One event that is held in Brussels every year and invariably sells out is the traditional Brussels carol concert at the city’s Koninklijk Conservatorium.

This year the every popular event will take place at 5pm on 22 December. Tickets are €20 for adults and €12.50 for children. Mary Gow is again the musical director/pianist and Ian Forrester the MC.

Net Proceeds will be donated to the Foetal Medicine Foundation Belgium at Brugmann Children's Hospital, Queen Fabiola Children's Hospital Brugman, to help the work of Professor Jacques Jani, a specialist in neo-natal care, concentrating on prematurity.

Prematurity is responsible for more than half of all neonatal deaths; advances in neo-natal care have considerably improved survival of extremely premature infants, but a significant risk of handicap and disability in survivors remains,with an associated social and economic burden.

Professor Jani's research aims to elaborate a more effective strategy for identifying women at risk of premature birth and to intervene in the early weeks of pregnancy to improve survival chances.

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