German-Austrian themed restaurant is a real family affair

It’s a foodie’s “paradise” and it could be heading for Belgium.

Schnitzelparadies is a German-Austrian themed restaurant based just over the Dutch border.

In the relatively short time since it was launched it has proved such a success that the owners may consider expanding across the border. If that happens, it would be a welcome new culinary concept for Brussels and Belgium.

At present, there are three Schnitzelparadies restaurants, each in the Netherlands, with the latest to open being by the river in Maastricht.

The first was at Roermond, further north in the country, which opened seven years ago now, followed by Venlo. In May, the Maastrichtbranch opened.

Schnitzelparadies is part of Cox & Co which consists of 12 companies in total, mostly restaurants situated in Limburg and Brabant.

 The company is located in Roermond (half an hour from Maastricht)  which is where the Schnitzelparadies story started way back in 1926 by the father of Sanne Cox, the current owner of what remains a family owned business.

Sanne, the fourth generation to run things, explains how her father Wim launched it all with a relatively humble café. Years later this evolved into a 54-room hotel/restaurant and more eateries, ranging from garden centre cafes to rotisserie restaurants, were added to the family portfolio.

The newcomer is the location in Maastricht which can seat 85 downstairs with a large upstairs room, seating about 75, due to open soon.

Judging by the popularity of this place since it opened, the extra space will be needed.

The big attraction is the house speciality – schnitzels.These come in various forms,including what are “world schnitzels” which are each served with something “typical” from a particular country (the UK version, for instance, comes with a fried egg).

However, the top three best sellers are the German and Austrian schnitzels followed by the “double tasty” one. There is also  a nice choice of sauces with the most popular being mushroom, pepper and cheese and bacon.

If pork or veal are not your thing then there is a fish schnitzel and even a vegetarian version. Other dishes are also served,including chicken on a skewer and traditional German sausage.

The schnitzels come in 4 different sizes/weights of up to 500 grams (the most popular one is the 200 gram option).

Each of the three Schnitzelparadies restaurants have a delightful typical Austrian/Tyrol theme décor, with Alpine-style wooden tables  and chairs. To round off what is a terrifically atmospheric ambience, all the staff wear lederhosen.

Worth mentioning too that the Maastricht eatery is wheelchair friendly with a disabled toilet.

Speaking of which, the loos feature some ‘funny’ details in both the men’s as well as the ladies.

As Sanne says, this must one of the few places where people return to the restrooms armed with a camera in order to get a snap of the inside (so as not to spoil the fun you really should visit the restaurant to see what it is that draws folk back into the loos!).

Sanne, still only 30, says that the strength of the concept – which she and her family came up with – is very much the price/quality ratio.

The prices are,in fact, remarkably affordable, particularly considering the quality of the food which is excellent.  You are certainly guaranteed to leave here feeling like your hard earned money has been well spent.

This place is suitable both for people looking for a quick bite and also those who like to enjoy a 3 course meal. The location is suitable for groups and, with the festive season looming, would make for a great Christmas treat.

Sanne and her husband, Maarten, 33, are both from Roermond and they still live there. Their home is actually next door to the original café first opened by Sanne’s dad who, as she recalls, earned himself a reputation as the “schnitzel king” of Roermond.

The key aim here is fast service (note, not fast food) and, if the large number of  customers on what is often a quiet midweek evening is anything to go by, the couple and their team are clearly flying the flag for a fine family tradition.


Kesselskade 58,Maastricht

T 0031 43 208 2000

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