Brussels eatery wins top award at international event

A Brussels restaurant won a top award in the 100 best vegetable restaurants in the world event.

Humus & Hortense was voted best vegan restaurant at the We’re Smart® Taste Summit in Amsterdam.

The overall  winner, for the 2nd year in a row, was Xavier Pellicer of the El Menjador in Barcelona. He was praised for a new concept.

El Menjador is called an “intimate and exclusive space” with a separate entrance and space for 16 customers, where he presents his most personal dishes. The customer can choose from three different tasting menus: a vegan, a vegetarian and an omnivore. Each menu consists of 9 courses in which he always makes a creative dish with a seasonal product, inspired by nature.

Event organiser Frank Fol said: “In the past year I have opted five times for one of the vegetable menus. And I have always found that Xavier cooks in a different dimension. His vegetable preparations are even more creative and refined than anything he has made before. Whoever cooks gastronomic vegetable at such a high level, deserves this title for the second time.”

In the top 100 of this year were 26 new restaurants. In total, more than 800 restaurants from 38 countries were entered.

New this year is an e-learning platform where anyone who wants can follow a course to become an accredited inspector of vegetable restaurants.

You just log in to the We’re Smart® Academy application (www. and receive training to become an officially recognised inspector.

The project involves the creation of three specific modules (Influencer, Expert & Inspector) with increasing difficulty, with a quiz or assignment at the end of each module.

The participants are trained and tested with the intention to learn more about fruit and vegetables and up to 50 cooking techniques.

A spokesman said, “In this way the participants acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to judge restaurants that prioritize fruit and vegetables around the world.”

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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