EU Today on the wine trail: Montrachet, Burgundy

On the wine trail of Burgundy, April 2019. Of all the wonderful winemaking villages in Burgundy, Chassagne Montrachet in the Côte de Beaune is one of the most prestigious. Here we find the most southern of the region's Grand Crus - there are five here in all.

The vineyards themselves are beautifully tended, and produce some of the most highly regarded and elegant of Chardonnays, with aromas and flavours of butter, apple, herbs and oranges with hints of mineral.

Montrachet is very highly sought after, and in recent years low yields have pushed prices through the roof somewhat, in the US where demand is high, a bottle of Montrachet from Romanée-Conti's, which in produces only some 300 cases per vintage, in recent years would easily fetch in excess of $2500 for a single bottle at auction.

However production is reaching normal levels again, and this should reflect in the price.

And after Chassagne Montrachet where better to stop for lunch than the delightful village of Puligny Montrachet, just a few kilometres down the road, and itself the source of wonderful and (compared to its more famous neighbour) what may even be considered to be underpriced wines.

Slightly lighter than the wines of Chassagne, they are nonetheless every bit as elegant. 

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Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright

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