"New kid on the block" aims to add to the mix on Brussels' culinary scene

The Belgian culinary scene is constantly evolving, introducing new practices and innovations - and an exciting new collaboration in Brussels is no exception.

With the food/horeca industry now more popular than ever, “We are C” has partnered with the Bouchée Double studio to launch the “Foodio.”

We Are C is a “One Stop Shop” agency run by food communication experts.

Foodio is the first creative studio specialising in the creation of images and content for brands in the culinary and lifestyle field.

The new project is based in a 150-square-meter loft close to the city’s Midi station and furnished with super-equipped kitchen and top-of-the-range products.

And its urban edible garden - “Peas & Love” - ensures that seasonal products are very close to hand.

Foodio has the sole objective of meeting content-related needs, hosting shootings or events of all types (corporate or private).

More than an equipped and charming location, Foodio and its enthusiastic team offer their skills in content creation through photography, video, culinary styling, scenography as well as the design of culinary workshops.

All of this is done with a strong taste for design, a strong sense of detail and an authentic approach.

One of those involved, Audrey Thiriar, teamed up with Cédric Allard, founder of Culinaria Agency to found Tribe Agency in 2017, the first PR and digital agency made exclusively for food and drink lovers.

A spokesman for the new project said, “With more than 20 years of experience in marketing/communication in the industry, it was clear that food advertisers entrust their brand to general agencies, while, like the health or sports sectors, offering expertise in the sector to advertisers is essential.”

Bouchée Double, founded in 2015 by Pauline Lemberger and recently joined by Eva de Moor, has been working for several years in the food industry developing an expertise in culinary services as well as in styling, photography and culinary design.

Image: Foodio

Further info via:www.foodio.be

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