"Cooking from home" during lockdown goes down a treat

We all may be sadly confined to our homes at present but that doesn’t mean we still cannot tickle our taste buds.

And one leading airline has come up with what it hopes will be just the solution for those looking to use their home time as creatively as possible.

Emirates is taking amateur ‘chefs’ on a culinary journey around the globe…. all from their comfort of their homes.

Its professional chefs have cooked up recipes for three dishes from around the world (a starter, main and dessert) to try from your own kitchen during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown.

The experience may also give frustrated "globetrotters in residence” a possible taste of a future vacation (or business) destination when the current confinement eventually ends.

To start, chef Saïd El Alam presents a traditional Arabian lentil soup, a relatively simple dish to concoct yourself.

"Thanks to many varied spices," he says, "the taste will hopefully 'transport' you to one of the famous bazaars of exotic spices in the Gulf."

Another tasty experience for those currently stuck at home is a dish more associated with India: a tasty lamb biryani. This is courtesy of airline chef Ravi Nage who presents the traditional Indian dish with raita yogurt.

He says, "Using typical Indian spices like cardamom will remind you of one of the country's many spice plantations such as the Cardamom hills between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.”

After trying those two tasty dishes if you’ve space for dessert, Udo Leick, from Germany, has come up with a traditional applesauce pancake recipe. Known by many different names in several European countries, this sweet dish is popular with all age groups and can even be served as a main.

Says Udo: "This delicious recipe of apples, cream cheese and raisins is typical of those that might be found in a Parisian café or a Swiss mountain chalet".

Such international dishes, always adapted to the respective destination country and cooked with local ingredients when served on board, can also be found in the airline’s cookbooks. Each year, the airline, said to be the world's biggest, serves more than 110 million meals from 12,450 different recipes.

A spokesman said, “Our airline chefs focus on simple, cooked-to-order dishes that focus on the highest quality fresh ingredients and which are changed monthly.”

So, if you find yourself going slightly stir crazy at present, why not try doing a bit of stirring of another kind - it might help keep you sane!

More details are available via Emirates Food Channel on YouTube.

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