Service with a smile at Petit Pont

It's always nice to report on a booming business in Brussels. At a time of continued problems facing the horeca sector there are, thankfully, some success stories.

One such example comes in the shape of Jean-Luc Colin who took over what, at the time, was a struggling restaurant business and, in the space of just a couple of years, turned it right around.

Petit Pont, which sits at the centre of Parvis Saint-Pierre, a lovely square in Uccle, has now fully restored its reputation as one of the best eateries in the area.

It’s been achieved through hard work by Jean-Luc and his team which includes Dominique Midavaine, the very talented head chef, and Mohammed Bouhssain, better known simply as Momo, who, with his spouse Gwendoline, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the restaurant.

Then, of course, there are other staff, including the apron-clad Nathalie, Deborah and Fred who all ensure that the great food served here also comes not just with a smile but super efficiency.

First and foremost, of course, is the food and that, be assured, is excellent.

Worth noting that, recently, a new addition has appeared on the card called La Belgitude, consisting of a small (four) but nice selection of Belgian classics like black pudding. The idea is partly to help promote local produce and ingredients.

Best sellers on the wonderful a la carte (featuring typical brasserie fayre) include T-bone steak, salmon, skate, foie gras and, especially in the summer, the Cesar salad.

There’s also a suggestions board which is changed regularly (every fortnight) and currently includes traditional “winter” dishes such as La Choucroute which consists of no less than seven meats including pork chop, bacon and sausage (come armed with a good appetite if you plump for this one).

There is also a good value for money €19 pp lunch menu which is a nice introduction to the restaurant’s cuisine, plus a €37 pp monthly menu.

It’s not just the food that is good: so too is the wine (supplied by Godaert et Van Beneden) and also local beers such as St Hubertus.

The décor here alone is worth a visit: it’s best described as industrial style with lots of bare bricks and advertising posters and memorabilia from bygone times. Look out for the doors on the loos: rather unusual!

The restaurant is spread over two floors though the downstairs level is reserved more for groups. This actually is, curiously,the original level of the ever bustling square outside.

Busiest times here are Friday and Saturday evening plus Sunday lunch so it’s best to book for then if possible.Petit Pont is also close to Uccle cultural centre and makes for a nice pre-show dinner or,at the very least, an aperitif (served from 6pm).

The outside terrace, seating up to 45, will reopen next month and makes for a good view of the square (it is heated in case it’s cold weather). At the entrance is a tank where (if that’s your thing) you can choose a lobster for dinner.

It’s not just lobsters that greet you here though: it’s the friendly and welcome arrival you get from the staff too.

Petit Pont

Rue du Doyenne 114 Uccle

02 346 4949

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