"Donbas: beyond the headlines” by Natalia Liubchenkova
May 19th, 2017. \\ Culture. \\ Tags: Belgium, Ukraine.

On 18 May 2017, a photo exhibition capturing the dramatic and inspiring transformation of courageous Ukrainians affected by the war in their country opened in Brussels, Belgium.

This is the first Belgian showing of the work of Ukrainian photographer and journalist Natalia Liubchenkova.

Natalia travelled to Eastern Ukraine to uncover the stories of the incredible people, who believe that when war takes everything away, it is time to help, inspire and act! They perform surgeries in the candle-lit basements of hospitals. They bake bread for those, who cannot afford it. They start green tourism to develop the region. They are trying to be reborn and to find their new selves. “The idea of this exhibition emerged as I wanted people all across Europe to see the stories of talented and active Ukrainians from the war-torn East. They are showing us their unique struggle for freedom and independence, for their families and for their rights, and it is extremely important to them to be heard. Only through parallels with our own and other people’s lives we realise that everyone is equal when it comes to dignity and strive for happiness. The only difference is our life circumstances” explained Natalia.

Three years of war have left more than two million Ukrainians displaced from their homes.

Three years of shelling and violence have taken the lives of over ten thousand people. The torture, disappearances, human loss in Ukraine is all invisible among the other heart-breaking tragedies in the world.

This event is an attempt to bring attention back to the situation in Ukraine and show how admirably some Ukrainians cope with their loss and suffering. The exhibition will run from 18 May - 4 June 2017 at Le Senghor and is organised by two Belgian charities: the Society of Ukrainians in Belgium (TUB) and UAct with the support of Colette Njomgang-Fonkeu, Alderman for Culture, and board member of Mayors and Aldermen of Etterbeek.

More information is available here: http://bit.ly/2qsLxzf and here: http://bit.ly/2qilwo

Additional information: UAct is an alliance of NGOs and committed individuals aiming to enhance democracy, social cohesion and human rights in Ukraine. It was established in 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. For comments and further information please contact representative of the UAct, Julia Zelvenska: julia@uact.eu

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