The role of citizens in securing the electricity grid towards more renewables debated in the European Parliament at RESERVE international conference

The Romanian Energy Center Association (CRE) together with ERICSSON Eurolab – RESERVE Project Consortium leader, and RESERVE Consortia members jointly organized the International Conference on the topic “The Role of European Citizens in Securing the Smart Grid Towards 100% Renewables” with the support and participation of the President of ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy) Committee of the European Parliament, MEP Adina VALEAN, at the European Parliament on Wednesday 11th September. 

This represents the closing event of the three years lasting European Commission funded RESERVE Project, started in November 2016. 

The EU has set an ambitious goal of using at least 32% Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Europe by 2030. As a result, many new RES, driven by power electronics, will be connected to the electricity T&D grid. The change affects the fundamentals of grid operational and makes a rethink of the basics of the grid control and automation necessary. This is the challenge which RESERVE addressed. 

RESERVE – Renewables in a Stable Electric Grid represents one of the reference projects in the field of energy, addressing critical aspects regarding the stability of the European Electricity System, in the context of high RES penetration up to 100% RES. Through the implementation of this project, two interconnected objectives have been pursued: the achievement of Developing Updated Harmonized Network Codes at European level and the definition of a new structure of ancillary services that respond to the integration of up to 100% of RES in the HV Electricity Transmission System. 

More than 100 representatives of European Institutions, Members of the Romanian Energy Center, Regulators, Transmission and Distribution System Operators, Policy Makers, Universities and other interested Stakeholders joined the intensive debate with the members of RESERVE Project Consortia in three Sessions organized in the prestigious room Alcide De Gasperi (JAN 2Q2). TSOs like ELES, RTE, TRANSELECTRICA and DSOs including CEZ Romania, ENEL, ESB actively discussed their current and future cooperation plans. 

The Conference highlighted the main results and key achievements of the RESERVE Project implemented by an International Consortia and co-financed by the European Commission, and the concrete actions for ensuring Electricity Grid stability with up to 100% renewables for the benefits of the European citizens. In a few key worlds RESERVE can be characterised as fast, safe and sustainable. 

The goals of RESERVE were successfully achieved, and a Pan-European real time simulation infrastructure (connecting labs and Pilot Projects in Germany, Ireland, Italy and Romania), harmonizing the Network Codes, also enabling 5G ICR network slicing for real-time control applications, together with new concepts for Voltage and Frequency Control have been created. 

As Chair of ITRE Committee, Adina VALEAN MEP acknowledged the relevance of RESERVE results and encouraged such innovation activities for the benefit of the electricity industry and society. 

We developed a harmonized set of rules, aimed at better addressing the governance of cross-border energy flows in Europe and find concrete ways to stabilise electricity systems with more renewables... Moreover, RESERVE has developed and validated new concepts and technologies and suggested the regulatory, social, environmental and economic changes needed to enable a transition to a grid driven by up to 100% RES. RESERVE proposes updated Network Codes and new ancillary services, based on innovation in the fields of frequency control, power system inertia and voltage control and validated in field trials and simulations, and now presents these proposals for consideration by ENTSO-E, Transmission (TSOs) and Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

CRE Vice-President Mihai PAUN

CRE has led the policy and regulation activities in RESERVE and together with Consortia Partners proposed six policy recommendation: Electricity System Operators should consider Smart Solutions in the Investment Strategies. Due to volatility of RES, a New Energy Pricing System is needed to encourage new behaviour and investments. Another recommendation shows that Electricity System Operators TSOs and DSOs should investigate the use of 5G Feature when planning their transitions to up to 100% RES based generation. Further, Open Balancing Markets to enhance the participation of RES and storage systems owners are encouraged. 

Specific Targets are needed for the development of the Available Storage Capacity as well as providing corresponding INCENTIVES for storage investments. Last but not least, there is a genuine need to introduce legislation which reflects the true cost of energy considering social and environmental costs. 

The RESERVE Project has played a major role in the framework of the European Commission BRIDGE Initiative which unites Horizon 2020 Smart Grid and Energy Storage Projects to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues which are encountered in the demonstration projects and may constitute an obstacle to innovation. RESERVE representatives actively contributed to this Initiative within the Working Group on Regulations

Mark Van-Stiphout, Deputy Head of Unit, Research and Innovation, DG ENERGY, European Commission.

“RESERVE is an inspirational Project for future and a necessity to move to sustainable future.” declared Fiona Williams, Director of Ericsonn and Coordinator of RESERVE during the Press Conference held before the Conference Event in the EP Press Conference Room Anna Politkovskaya. “All in all, RESERVE is challenging current business models, however, providing solutions, increasing energy security and reliability, encouraging cost-effective power exchanges in Europe for the benefit of citizens and ultimately public good.” she concluded as she closed the Conference. 

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