Hungary's Kaposvar photovoltaic plant expected to come on line in February 2021

JA Solar recently announced that it supplied 54MW modules for the Kaposvar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Hungary. With a total scale of 100MW, the plant is the largest PV power plant in Hungary and indeed Central Europe. It is invested in and constructed by China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation, a subsidiary of China General Technology, and is expected to be connected to the grid in February 2021.

To improve an energy infrastructure dominated by coal and nuclear power – and to increase energy self-sufficiency – the Hungarian government actively supports the development and construction of renewable energy projects. The development and construction of the Kaposvar project is strongly supported by the local government. Hungarian Minister for Innovation and Technology, Mr. László Palkovics, attended and delivered a speech at the project commencement ceremony held in 2019. He said that the Kaposvar photovoltaic power plant is a key project in energy cooperation between Hungary and China, and is of great significance to promoting clean energy development.

With a company mission to "develop solar power to benefit the entire human race", JA Solar has been actively improving its products and technical services to champion the promotion and utilization of photovoltaic energy in the global market. In Hungary, an important solar market in central Europe, JA Solar also promotes the development of the local PV market by cooperating with local distributors and other domestic and foreign enterprises.

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