MEPs to vote on energy saving schemes

MEPs on the European Parliament’s Energy Committee (ITRE) are set to vote on rejecting the EU’s list of priority energy projects, over concerns the Projects of Common Interest (PCI) list contains new fossil fuel projects incompatible with the Paris climate agreement.

In an open letter published today, over 80 civil society organisations called on parliamentarians to reject the PCI list due to its significant support for big gas infrastructure.

This PCI list, which identifies the highest priority energy infrastructure projects to be built in Europe, has come under criticism for giving EU backing to a large number of new climate-damaging fossil gas projects - including mega pipelines and terminals to import fracked gas. Approved projects become eligible for EU funding; but the list was drawn up before the EU Green Deal was released, and without assessment of climate impacts.

Comment came from Colin Roche, climate justice coordinator for Friends of the Earth Europe, who said: “Gas is a dangerous fossil fuel which emits significant amounts of greenhouse gases, and has no place in Europe’s energy future. If they are serious about the climate emergency, MEPs must reject this list that’s riddled with yet more fossil gas, and vote for a fossil free Europe now.”

This vote is one of the first tests of whether MEPs are truly committed to a climate neutral Europe since the European Green Deal was announced and since the Parliament declared a climate emergency in November 2019.

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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