Russia to install controversial VVER-1200 reactors in Hungary

Russian nuclear power giant Rosatom will begin constructing two new VVER-1200 nuclear reactors in Hungary in the coming weeks, Hungary's foreign minister said. The deal, reached between Russia and the EU state in 2014, aims to expand the existing Paks nuclear plant.

Russia's nuclear industry has not been subjected to EU sanctions over its bloody invasion of Ukraine.

Moves to isolate and sanction its oil and gas exports have not been unconditionally supported by Hungary.

The existing Paks site currently generates 40% of Hungary's electricity supply.

"Let the construction begin!" said Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in a Facebook post.

The VVER-1200 reactors chosen have a record of unreliability, and appear highly "accident" prone.

With the additional two reactors, the nuclear power station - currently made up of four Soviet-built reactors - will see its capacity more than double.

"This is a big step, an important milestone," Mr Szijjarto said in a Facebook post quoted by AFP news agency.

"In this manner we will ensure Hungary's energy security in the long term and protect Hungarians from wild swings in energy prices."

He added that the nuclear reactors could be ready for service by 2030.

Image: By Barna Rovács (Rovibroni) - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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