Turkish government aims to start operating the first reactor plant before next year's general election .

Russia's Rosatom has awarded TSM Enerji the contract to undertake the remaining construction work at the $20 billion nuclear power plant it is building in Akkuyu in southern Turkey, Reuters reports.

Akkuyu Nukleer, a Rosatom subsidiary that is building four reactors at the site on the Mediterranean, said it had signed the engineering, procurement and construction contract with TSM after terminating its agreement with Turkish firm IC Ictas.

The Turkish government aims to start operating the first reactor at the total 4,800-megawatt (MW) plant before a general election next year.

President Tayyip Erdogan has previously suggested that Turkey could work with Russia on the construction of two further plants.

The plant is expected to produce up to 10% of the country's electricity once all four reactors are in operation.

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