Campaigners welcome Conservative call to halt fracking

Anti-Fracking campaigners have welcomed the decision by Ryedale District Council to extend the moratorium on fracking indefinitely. Third Energy were given planning permission to Frack in Ryedale in 2016, yet no fracking has taken place since.  

Steve White of Frack Free Ryedale told this website, "Ryedale District Council's motion for a moratorium reflects a growing realisation across the political spectrum that a new intensive gas industry, feeding our addiction to climate-threatening fossil fuels and threaded through our densely populated island, simply isn't viable."

Local campaigner, Peter Allen added:“The recognition by Ryedale District Council that fracking is totally unsuitable for the area is to be welcomed. Let us hope that the enlightened stance of the council is followed by similar actions from the county council and the government.”

The amended motion also recognises the contribution of campaigners who have fought to prevent fracking in North Yorkshire. Frack Free Ryedale recently celebrated the fact that in the five years since the group formed, no fracking has taken place in the district but they vowed to keep the pressure on until fracking is banned completely.  

Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Mason said:“This is great, and a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the anti-fracking campaigners everywhere. You do have to give credit where credit is due, and the Conservative motion was a positive step forward for the council. I’m especially glad they accepted our amendments to make it an indefinite moratorium and also write to the government to set out this position.”

Jennee Dixon from Frack Free United said:“Ryedale District Council could play a significant role in influencing future government policy. The message that I hope these local conservatives convey to their colleagues across the country is: Is fracking a price worth paying?

“Let’s not forget that it is still Conservative party policy to frack the UK. It's increasingly likely that an election is coming. Fracking, which affects over 170 constituencies, including 40 marginal seats, could be an electoral earthquake for the Conservative party."

“It is clear that developing fracking in the UK will lead to unacceptable negative impacts on local communities, the economy, democracy, environment, health and also hamper efforts to tackle climate change.”

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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