Management plan will provide more certainty for UK fishing fleet

A long term plan to manage fish stocks in the Western Waters, backed  by Conservative MEPs, is said to provide more certainty for UK fishermen during the Brexit period.

The regional plan covers 38 different species in fishing grounds to the west of Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal and replaces the EU's previous blanket regulatory approach, which did not take account the specific needs of different fisheries.

Using the best scientific evidence, it will set ranges of fish mortality within which individual stocks can remain sustainable.  Where high conservation measures are working and stocks are recovering, fishermen will have more catching opportunities. 

Conservative Fisheries spokesman Baroness Mobarik MEP welcomed the adoption of the plan by the European Parliament on Tuesday.

She said: "This plan creates more certainty for UK fishermen from while we remain in the Common Fisheries Policy during the transition period. After we leave and take control of our fishing grounds, it will provide a blueprint for future co-operation between the UK and the EU on the sustainable management of stocks.

"The effective long term management of demersal species, nephrops and deep sea stocks in the Western Waters will remain of crucial importance to our fishing fleet post Brexit.  This sensible, science-based approach should help us contribute to that process from outside the EU.

"It will also help ensure consumers are able to continue to enjoy a wide variety of fish and fish products."

Meanwhile, Paul Blomfield MP, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Minister, has responded to the Government’s plan to exclude its Brexit deal from the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act.

He said: “This plan shows contempt for our democracy.

“The Government is trying to avoid proper scrutiny and run down the clock in order to force through its bad Brexit deal.

 “Labour will oppose this change, which would deny Parliament full scrutiny.”

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