The CPMR is delighted with the European Green Deal and hopes it will be delivered by an ambitious EU budget

The CPMR said it welcomed the proposal of the European Commission to enshrine the 2050 climate neutrality objective into law by March 2020. 

To achieve the goal of becoming the first climate neutral continent, Europe’s climate objectives must be supported with a stronger ambition represented by higher reduction emission targets, while ensuring a fair transition to all territories and citizens.

Speaking from COP25, where the CPMR hosted a debate on a fair transition for all, CPMR Vice-President in charge of Climate and Energy, Vice Governor of North Holland, Cees LOGGEN said: “EU leaders must agree on a target of 55% cut in emissions by 2030, at the June European Council 2020 at the latest. Member States must commit to these increased climate targets before COP 26 if we want to fulfil the Paris Agreement”.

The CPMR expects the European Green Deal to be delivered in full partnership with regional authorities. As revealed by the recent CPMR study on the involvement of regions in National Energy and Climate Plans. 

“EU’s climate action cannot succeed if it is not based on stronger cooperation with the regions by both boosting the cohesion policy and ensuring a stronger participation of the regions in European Climate Policies” said Eleni MARIANOU, CPMR secretary General

“The proposed European Climate Pact is a very positive step, but it needs to be more than a mere forum where to share good practices, it must contribute to a concrete involvement of regions in National Energy and Climate Plans” she added.

At this crucial moment of the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework negotiations, the CPMR calls EU leaders to support a strong EU budget and to keep cohesion policy as the main EU Investment policy through which the EU objectives of a green and carbon-neutral Europe could be boosted while delivering on cohesion, climate and environmental related objectives in their territories and regions.

The CPMR also awaits the European Commission proposal to establish a Just Transition Fund that should complement financially cohesion policy in order to ensure a fair transition for all regions and to provide that all vulnerable territories can have the right opportunities to grasp the benefits of the ecological transition.

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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