7 Things You Must Consider When Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

For a successful medical practice, it is important to take care of the non-medical obligations that your practice is facing. When you outsource medical billing services then it helps you to divide the responsibilities in a way that doesn’t increase the challenges for the practice. It is possible to take care of things healthcare revenue cycle management.

This concept of hiring a medical billing company is not yet in the healthcare marketplace. In fact most of the healthcare providers tend to adopt this solution for their healthcare facility to get rid administrative burden and focus on delivering quality patient care services.

However, it is still a most difficult decision for practitioners to make to whether or not to hire a revenue collection agency. Having said that, if the right company is chosen then it can lead to a major economic benefit for the practice. If you are interested to know to find the right medical billing company for your practice then I recommend you to follow the given link; https://medcaremso.com/medical...

To choose the right collection agency, you must ask the right questions.

Here are the the top 7 factors that you should tick in your checklist when outsource medical billing services.

  1. Fee Structure For The Services:

Most importantly, one must observe the cost of services and average time of receivables when selecting a billing company. The ideal way is to negotiate for the percentage of the revenue they collect on your behalf. This refers to the fraction of cost of all net collected receipts that they receive. It is preferable that a company should charge around 9 percent or less in this situation. Any percentage greater than this would be considered too expensive.

It is also important to make sure that you keep safe from hidden charges. Yes, many companies can charge additional hidden fee of startup, termination, data conversion and patient collections. In addition to this, another important factor is the average time of account receivable collections. It is considered better to choose a billing company that guarantees the average time of 14 to 30 days of account receivables. Although, this factor is dependent upon payer rules.

2. Reduce Administrative Burden:

Outsource your medical billing services to reduce the burden of non-medical tasks from your shoulders. Mainly, it includes healthcare revenue cycle management. Therefore, always consider the payer rules of a company for evaluation, code edits and payer rules. A good medical billing agency has the three following traits;

  • Accuracy.
  • Coding.
  • Correct revenue collection management.

We also encourage practitioners to ask questions regarding claims. It includes the questions related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the claim denial recovery and management services.

3. Efficiency Of Practice Management Systems:

There is a wide range practice management system in the market. Therefore, practitioners need to select the best system for their practice more carefully. Thus, providers should partner with a company thats also offers reliable practice management systems. In this way, they can also ensure transparency throughout the revenue cycle management. In return, it would help you stay informed of the ongoing progress of medical billing services.

4. Customer Feedback:

It is the smart move to ask for the customer’s feedback of a company before outsourcing. References are something that is considered important in all fields. This is especially true in terms of healthcare administration as well. Therefore, it is important to collect information about the past experience of a vendor. Ask the feedback from their existing clients. They “golden rule” for the evaluation of any billing company is that observe the “client retention rate (CRR) of a company. Don’t get overwhelmed only by the number of their existing clients. Focus on the number of clients that are working from many years ago with this company.

You should also consider the size, scope and speciality of their customers, also review their online portals such as websites or social media and get idea from their testimonials and online reviews. It will help you to estimate the number of satisfied clients of a company.

5. Ensure Compliance:

Whenever you outsource medical billing services then it is your responsibility to make sure that the other entity is also HIPAA compliant. It is necessary to ensure HIPAA compliance from organizations that deal with patient’s confidential healthcare information. It is also applicable medical billing companies as well. Once, you will successfully find a HIPAA compliant then confidently resolve all your administrative problems easily.

6. Ensure Transparency:

It should be your ultimate concern with a billing agency to ensure transparency throughout the billing procedure. A reputable vendor always will be upfront about their dealings. Such transparency will facilitate you to gain insights into accurate and timely reports about the financial progress of your practice.

It is integral to ensure transparency in the services and data used and provided by a billing company. Hence, it will lead you to know anything related to your practice anytime. It doesn’t matter whether the information is on-premise or outside the practice’s areas of expertise.

7. Accurate Services Provided:

Practitioners should ensure that they know the services provided as well as the services that are excluded from the contract. It will help you to prevent from assumptions and hidden charges of the services that are not included in the contract. There is a possibility that some tasks related to it are not catered properly.


Practitioners should avoid any misleading assumption and confusion when they decide to outsource medical billing services. They should consider some essential traits in a medical billing company before building trust. It will help them to prevent any mishap from taking place. It will enable your practice to find the most appropriate partner to streamline revenue cycle management services.

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