Climate activists detained "without reason" in Belarus

Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe say they "strongly condemn the unjustified detention" of local members of the CAN network in Belarus, and are "deeply concerned" about their safety.

On September 5th & 6th, three CAN members were detained without any justifiable reason.

They are:

  • Andrey Egorov, chairman of the Coordination Committee of the Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, member of the Green Network Council
  • Irina Sukhy, Chairwoman of the Green Network Council and representative of the NGO Ecodom, leader of the public campaign against the Ostrovets Nuclear Power Plant and one of the most authoritative environmental activists in Belarus and
  • Anastasia Zakharevich, journalist of the Green Portal, the Green Network media resource

While Irina Sukhy and Anastasia Zakharevich are detained in a police centre, the current location of Andrey Egorov is unknown.

On Tuesday, the Director of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, Wendel Trio said: “It is appalling to see all these human rights violations, arbitrary arrests of civilians, journalists and activists happening at Europe's doorstep. They constitute a serious blow to European values, including freedom of expression and gathering. The EU must condemn the attacks perpetrated by the government on activists and take urgent steps to support Belarusian civil society in order to protect the rule of law and democracy across all of Europe. This should include applying sanctions to the Belarus government.”

Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe says it stands in solidarity with the people of Belarus and supports the demands of Climate Action Network Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia for :

  • the immediate release of all political prisoners, all detained and abducted participants of peaceful protests, including our colleagues;
  • an immediate end to violence and repression by law enforcement agencies; bringing the perpetrators to justice for inflicting violence;
  • recognizing the results of the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus on 09 August 2020 invalid, due to numerous violations and falsifications;
  • the beginning of a dialogue between people who illegally hold power in the Republic of Belarus and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her appointed representatives for the purpose of a peaceful transit of power.
  • In August, 16 Human Rights Organisations published a joint letter calling upon the UN Human Rights Council to convene a special session on the crackdown in Belarus and start investigations in regard to the deterioration of the human rights violations.
  • The joint letter of human rights organisations can be found here.

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