Climate change: HRH Prince Charles says the planet "has been pushed beyond its boundaries"

The borderless Climate bio-diversity and heath crisis are all symptoms of a planet that has been pushed beyond its boundaries, without swift and immediate action at a unprecedented case and scale, we will miss the window of opportunity to reset for a green blue recovery and a more sustainable and inclusive future. In other words, the global pandemic is a wake up call we cannot ignore. This crisis has been with us for far too many years. It is now rapidly becoming a comprehensive catastrophe, that will dwarf the impact of the corona virus pandemic.

HRH Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles has said that planet Earth has been pushed beyond its boundaries, and at this late stage if any recovery is to be possible a "Marshall-style plan" and a "militant style campaign" are necessary.

" It is absolutely vital given the enormity of the problem we face, that we make truly transformative progress along the road to net zero by 2030,” he said, “taking the tough decisions now rather than deferring them to the next generation.”

Responding to his comments, Helen Clarkson, CEO of the Climate Group, an international non-profit and organisers of Climate Week NYC, said: “His Royal Highness’s address was incredibly moving – it is heartening to hear him and so many of our other speakers call for such large scale action. Invoking the Marshall Plan harks back to a very special moment in history, when the US led by example on the biggest issue of the day. I hope that decision makers in the US hear that call and take note.”

The Prince, next in line to the British throne, has been a vocal and high profile campaigner on the issue of climate change for many years.

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