EU sends assistance to combat forest fires at the Czech-German border

The European Union swiftly mobilised two firefighting airplanes and two helicopters to Czechia where a large forest fire is burning in the north of the country. Following yesterday's request for assistance, Poland and Slovakia are each operating one helicopter in the country. The EU is also mobilising 2 firefighting planes from its rescEU fleet that are stationed in Italy.

On this occasion, European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič said: "We are facing very intense wildfires this summer – active across the Mediterranean and in the very centre of our continent. To combat fires ravaging in a national park in Czechia's north bordering Germany, our Union stands in full solidarity to face the destructive fires. Assistance from Poland and Slovakia has already arrived, and so have the EU's two firefighting planes from Italy that form part of the rescEU fleet. I thank everyone involved in ensuring such swift mobilisation of support.”

The EU's Emergency Response Coordination Centre stands in close contact with both Czech and German authorities to support the coordination of firefighting operations in the area, and has deployed a Liaison Officer to Prague to support with incoming EU assistance. In addition, the EU's Copernicus satellite has been activated by Germany to collect data vital to first responders on the areas burned.

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