EU Takes Italy To Court Over Landfill
May 17th, 2017. \\ Environment. \\ Tags: Italy.

The European Commission is taking Italy to the Court of Justice of the EU for its failure to rehabilitate or close down 44 landfills, which represent a serious risk for human health and the environment.

Despite earlier warnings from the Commission, Italy has failed to take measures to rehabilitate or close down 44 non-compliant landfills, as required by article 14 of the Landfill Directive. Like other Member States, Italy was obliged, by 16 July 2009, to either rehabilitate landfills that had been granted a permit or which were already in operation before 16 July 2001 (“existing landfills”), bringing them to the safety standards set out in this Directive, or to close them.

Due to insufficient progress in addressing the issue, the Commission sent an additional reasoned opinion in June 2015, urging Italy to adequately treat 50 sites, which still posed a threat to human health and the environment. In spite of some progress made, the necessary measures to upgrade or close 44 landfills have still not been completed by May 2017. In an effort to speed up the process, the Commission is now taking Italy to the Court of Justice of the EU.

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