Future Energy: EXPO 2017 Opens In Kazakhstan
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This weekend sees the opening of the prestigious Astana EXPO 2017, a highly ambitious international event with participants from 115 countries and 22 international organizations. The three month event is the most ambitious of its kind to been seen in central Asia, and is expected to attract in the region of 5 million visitors.

The theme of the expo is Future Energy, and at its centre stands the Sphere, a glass ball of 80 meters diameter and with a total floor area of 26 thousand square meters.

“The area has eight floors, each floor will show one of the types of alternative energy. For instance, the first floor is hydropower, the second floor is the energy of the sun, the third floor is wind energy, the fourth floor is bioenergy, chemical energy. All this remains as a prototype for everyone and, of course, for us, for Kazakhstani people,” said President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

UK International Trade Minister, Greg Hands, said that: “Our participation at the Astana Expo will showcase the UK’s impressive capability across the various strands of future energy and is an opportunity for British expertise to shine on the global stage.”

Hands pointed out that many of the UK’s most important trading partners will also be taking part.

The infrastructure associated with EXPO 2017, which utilises renewable energy sources in keeping with the theme of the event, has been built with consideration as to its further use beyond September 30th.

After the expo Astana will have a new district, which will become the International Financial Centre Astana (IFCA). The majority of sites will use green energy, including wind and solar power. Part of the complex will be the basis for further expansion of the Nazarbayev University, where students and young scientists will be able to develop new technologies.

Official website: https://expo2017astana.com/en/

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