Catholic Bishop Under Investigation For Child Abuse Sheltered In 'New Position' By Pope

An Argentinian bishop working in a top Vatican financial department is under investigation for alleged sexual abuse, the Vatican said on Friday, in what could become yet another setback for Pope Francis over sex scandals pervading the Roman Catholic Church. 

Gustavo Zanchetta, 54, the former bishop of Oran in northwest Argentina, had been working in the department known as APSA, a general accounting and human resources office that also manages the Vatican’s real estate holdings in Italy. 

In a statement responding to recent reports in the Argentine media, Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said there were no allegations of sexual abuse at the time Zanchetta began working at APSA in December 2017, about five months after he left Oran. 

“The accusations of sexual abuse surfaced this past autumn,” Gisotti said, adding that at the time of Zanchetta’s resignation as bishop of Oran he had tense relations with priests in the diocese, who had accused him of being authoritarian. 

Zanchetta could not be reached for comment on the accusations or the Vatican statement, which said he would “abstain from work” in APSA - where the pope had created a new position for him - while a preliminary investigation went ahead.

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Gary Cartwright

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