Kashmir: Intervention by Jamil Maqsood (UKPNP) at UNHRC

42nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council – 9th to 27th September -2019. Intervention by Jamil Maqsood, Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the United Kashmir People's National Party

'Madam Vice President. We appreciate the global concern on recent devastating developments in Jammu Kashmir. The post 5th August scenario is believed to be an extra-constitutional act taken against the integrity of the erstwhile state. The question of the final settlement of Jammu Kashmir is yet to be determined. Both India and Pakistan are committed to provide such conducive environment for the people of all parts under their administrations. 

'Madam Vice President, I request this august council to take urgent attention towards confiscation of passports of prominent human rights defender Baseer Naweed and myself, due to our constant interventions at this council. 

'Our organisation is demanding that recently arrested political activists in Muzaffarabad must be released. Freedom of expression should be respected. It is matter of great concerns that what Pakistan inflicted to disintegrate its peripheries India has followed seven decades. Nevertheless, she had a different role and relationship with Jammu & Kashmir. 

'Madam Vice President, We urge you to take urgent heed to current alarming situation not only in the Jammu Kashmir under India it also deserves your urgent attention towards so called Azad Kashmir & Gilgit-Baltistan. 

'The miltary establishment of Pakistan is re organising banned outfits to launch them again in Jammu Kashmir and to silence Kashmiri nationalists. The elements of banned outfits are roaming freely in so-called Azad Kashmir. 

'We appeal to this august council to immediately establish a fact-finding mission. We also urge to the world community to think about deployment of peacekeeping forces in all parts of Jammu Kashmir so that the environment of permanent hostilities, terrorism and extremism could end. 

'This august council should also take serious note of those Pakistani ministers who openly advocate nuclear war. Ministers like Sheikh Rasheed who have close links with extremists must be sacked. 

'Pakistan, before advocating about Kashmiris in the valley, must respect State Subject Rule in Gilgit- Baltistan and should withdraw its lent officers and hegemony of secret agencies from so-called Azad Kashmir. We have great concerns about narco & hydro- terrorism in Pakistani peripheries. I thank you Madam Vice President.'

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