Pakistani Women's rights activist demands release of her father.

A Pakistani human rights activist who fled to America out of concerns for her own safety says her father was abducted Thursday outside of a courthouse in Peshawar, Associated Press (AP) has reported.

Gulalai Ismail is now calling for the release of her father, Professor Mohammed Ismail, who was jailed for 14 days on Friday (Oct 25th) whom she says was taken away by unidentified men in militia uniforms. 

The 32-year-old activist herself attracted the attention of authorities in Pakistan after speaking out about alleged sexual abuses committed by the country’s military.

“My father shall be released immediately,” Ismail wrote in a Twitter post. “His health had deteriorated in [the] past four months and was receiving multiple treatments due to his health condition."

“Arresting people without any charges or making false cases after the arrest is a violation of law,” she added.

Her father’s lawyer confirmed the abduction to Associated Press, saying it happened following a hearing in a case related to the Aware Girls organisation, which Gulalai founded.

aWpqyWF0_bigger.jpgGulalai_Ismail ✔@Gulalai_Ismail Abduction of my father is an attempt to terrorise women of Pakistan who’ve got fathers’ backs; to stifle dissent, to terrorise people who dare use their conditional rights. …
Ihtesham Afghan@IhteshamAfghan Professor M. Ismail has been abducted by plain clothed men from the gate of Peshawar High Court. People are not even safe in the courts of Pakistan. Cases will be made against him after his arrest and we are worried he will be tortured.@Gulalai_Ismail #WhereIsProfIsmail
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On its website, the organisation says it works “to empower young women, advocate for equal rights of young women, and to strengthen their capacity enabling them to act as agents of women empowerment and social change.”

Ismail’s parents, AP says, have denied charges that they have been financing terrorism. They also are reported to be supporting a human rights movement that is critical of the Pakistani Army’s war on terrorism. US 

Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Alice G. Wells, who is also the in-charge of South Asia affairs at the State Department, has expressed concern over "reports of the continued harassment" of Gulalai's family and her father's detention.

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