Uganda: Journalists detained in protests against police abuses.

Eight Ugandan journalists were detained on Monday as they marched in the capital Kampala to protest what they said were police abuses, including beatings and detentions, during coverage of student protests last month, Flavia Diana Nandudu, a programs officer at Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda has told Reuters.

The alleged abuses took place for several days starting on October 22nd after students at Uganda’s largest public university, Makerere, staged protests against planned fee increases. 

A group of journalists started to march toward the headquarters of police where they intended to deliver a petition to the head of police, but were instead intercepted. 

“We wanted to demand from police leadership that they parade and prosecute police officers who are involved in assaulting journalists,” Nandudu said. 

Police spokesman Patrick Onyango said the journalists had been released, but refused to explain why they had been arrested. 

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