Voluntary Maritime Regions willing to provide safe port for the Open Arms

Several maritime regions reiterate their willingness to provide humanitarian assistance, following the open letter from the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, calling for emergency assistance to the migrants stranded on the Open Arms boat. 

Several members of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions have expressed their willingness to provide safe port for the Open Arms, as demonstrate recent declarations from the regional governments of Catalonia, Valencia and the Basque Country.

Moreover, regions have expressed the will to achieve a voluntary solution for similar cases in the future, as well as the subsequent fair distribution and integration of migrants. 

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions strongly believes that voluntary support can provide the quick humanitarian assistance needed in urgent situations like that of the Open Arms (or, recently, the Aquarius).

Nevertheless the Institutions need to work harder on long term solutions. Although most of migration and asylum competences lie with central governments, regions can play a key role, and have competences and expertise to do so. Voluntary support agreed with Member States in the framework of such competences can provide a vital solution to those in need.  

The CPMR, within its Task Force on Migration, has published several position papers, and carried out relevant analysis based on member surveys, including a visual mapping showcasing the competences, needs and innovative experiences of the regions.

Since 2015, the Task Force addresses the response to humanitarian emergencies dealing with irregular immigration in the CPMR regions, as well as reception, integration and socio-economic development in a multilevel governance framework. More recently, also the relations between migration and development and the role of the Regions. 

In its latest position paper on the external dimension of migration policy, the CPMR keeps analysing the multilevel governance approach as a long lasting solution for better management of migration flows and the building of inclusive societies through cooperation.  

The CPMR eagerly wishes that a solution to provide humanitarian assistance is reached within the shortest delays.

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Martin Banks

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