Lithuanian "Holocaust distortion" to be addressed by ECHR

"Lithuanian courts have repeatedly avoided attempts which raise questions regarding how 200,000 of its Jewish citizens were murdered, primarily by pro-Nazi ethnic Lithuanian citizens.

"Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Lithuanian government has repeatedly given assurances that it will reveal to its citizens the truth about the Holocaust. In fact, however, it has spent 30 year developing elaborate theories as to why ethnic Lithuanian perpetrators should not be held to account," writes Grant Arthur Gochin in The Times of Israel.

On August 18th, 2020, the Lithuanian Supreme Court issued a ruling denying review of a July 16, 2020 decision of the Vilnius District Court (equivalent to the US Appeals Court) which refused to consider the merits of complaint alleging that the Lithuanian government agency known as the “Genocide Center” has deliberately distorted Holocaust history. Lithuanian law supposedly prohibits Holocaust denial but the Lithuanian judicial system has repeatedly turned a blind eye to the historical distortions and fabrications of this government agency.

Lithuania has proven itself incapable and unwilling to be truthful about their Holocaust history. At this point, only outside intervention will bring about change. The Genocide Center is so utterly corrupt, that the only possible path is to revoke all their prior findings, replace their staff with legitimate professional historians, and start over from the beginning.

Grant Arthur Gochin

With the new, final ruling of Lithuania’s highest court having jurisdiction over the agency’s Holocaust revisionism, all avenues to truth within Lithuania’s highly politicised legal system have now been exhausted. The case may now be presented to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

This represents a major achievement for Gochin, who lost family members during the Holocaust, and who has campaigned long and hard for the truth of Lithuania's complicity in the deportations and genocide of Europe's Jews to be acknowledged.

Remarkably, in his search for truth, he has found an ally in Silvia Foti, the granddaughter of Jonas Noreika, the man responsible for the ghettoisation and virtual liquidation of Lithuania's Jews. Placing the matter in the hands of the ECHR will focus world attention on the unacceptable historic revisionism being practiced in Lithuania.

The Jewish population of Lithuania today numbers just 5,000 people and anti-Semitism remains a significant issue. To this day there remain numerous memorials to Jonas Noreika in the country.

Image: Jews during deportation process, Kovno Ghetto, Lithuania.

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