More than 200 detained in latest Minsk protests

Belarusian police have reportedly detained more than 200 people in Minsk during anti-government protests on Sunday.

As crowds numbering in the thousands took to the streets police used stun grenades to disperse the crowd, several media outlets reported.

The Vesna-96 rights group said 205 people had been detained so far.

The Interior Ministry later confirmed that there had been detentions, saying those being held had been “disturbing public order and resisting police officers,” but it did not give any numbers.

Minsk-based journalist Hanna Liubakova earlier confirmed 117 detentions.

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Opponents of President Alexander Lukashenko have staged regular protests since August, accusing him of rigging the election to extend his 26-year grip on power. He denies electoral fraud and has refused to resign.

Protest organisers this week asked people to gather in dozens of different spots all across Minsk before forming bigger groups, to make it more difficult for police to control the crowd, a tactic that appears to have worked.

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