Human rights NGOs call for protection of Arab Ahwazi minority in Iran

The European Association for the Defence of Minorities (EADM) on Thursday organised a peaceful demonstration in the shadow of the European Parliament, Brussels.

The organisation is calling on Iran's newly elected President Ebrahim Raisi to stop treating the country's minority groups as second class citizens, and to take action to protect them.

The Arab Ahwazi minority is coming under increasing pressure from Iran's government: “They do not want Arabs, they do not want Kurds, they do not want minority groups to maintain their cultures. People are not even to take traditional names, No political parties that are not subservient to the regime are allowed to exist,” Saeed Hamidan, President of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA), recently told EU Today.

Of particular concern is the deliberate policy of drying up rivers and Marshes in the Ahwazi homelands in an attempt to force them to leave.

We consider the use of engineered climate change as a weapon of war against the Arab community in Iran a bridge too far. We cannot accept this, and urge President-elect Raisi and the international community to urge the immediate restoration of the fauna and flora in the Ahwazi area.

Andy Vermaut, EADM

Following Thursday's event, a Joint Letter To The European Union Foreign Affairs Council addressed to EU High Representative Josep Borrell was delivered on behalf of:

  • The European Association for The Defence of Minorities
  • AIDL (L'Alliance Internationale pour la Défense des droits et Libertés )
  • Safadi Centre for international Diplomacy, Research and Human Rights
  • IMPAC aisbl (International Movement for Peace and Coexistence)
  • Shema Institute asbl
  • Postversa asbl
  • The World Hindu Struggle Committee
  • Nav Bel
  • Golden Gate
  • The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defense of Human rights

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