Lebanon: EU mobilises €5.5 million for coronavirus response

The European Commission is allocating €5.5 million in humanitarian funding to help strengthen the COVID-19 response in Lebanon. The funding comes as Lebanon faces high infection rates, with the national health system close to collapse as well as low vaccination rates

The tragic blast in Beirut on 4th August 2020 sadly changed the lives of many Lebanese for ever. The tragedy should serve as an opportunity for Lebanon to re-emerge stronger. The Lebanese authorities need to form a government and deliver to its people. The EU continues to stand with the Lebanese people offering its support in the most dire moments, in particular now that the world is fighting a pandemic. The funding announced today will support Lebanon to fight the COVID-19.

Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

The latest EU funding to Lebanon comes in addition to the EU's initial allocation of €50 million in humanitarian aid released for 2021. The funding will support the vaccination rollout to reach the highest possible number of people over the coming months and to prevent an increase in infections. Critical health needs, including mental and psycho-social support linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, will also be addressed swiftly.

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EU Commission

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