"Muslim life in Germany 2020", a study by Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

A New study by Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees "Muslim life in Germany 2020", carried out on behalf of the German Islam Conference, has just been published.

The study shows that between 5.3 and 5.6 million Muslims with a migration background from a predominantly Muslim country of origin live in Germany.

Muslims In Germany

This means that the share of Muslims with a migration background among the overall population in 2019 was between 6.4 - 6.7%. In 2015 Muslims constituted 5.4–5.7% of the population.

The Muslim population in Germany has become more diverse in the years since 2008, albeit that individuals from Turkey continue to form the largest group of origin among Muslims.

82% of those surveyed state that they are very religious or somewhat religious. They are thus significantly more religious than Christian individuals with no migration background, but not more so than individuals with a migration background who are Christian or belong to another religion.

65% of Muslims say that they frequently have contact with people in their circle of friends who do not have a migration background. In addition, there are contacts with persons who have no migration background in the family, in the neighbourhood, or at work.

Muslims with fewer social contacts show a strong desire for more frequent contact with persons who have no migration background, meaning that a high degree of openness is evident overall.

The full report can be downloaded HERE, but is only available in German at present.

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