Peter van Dalen MEP statement on the award of the Sakharov Prize to Alexei Navalny

We are making it clear that Putin's attempts to silence opponents are not working. Alexei Navalny deserves this award for his continued fight for human rights, open democracy and against corruption in Russia, as well as for his resistance to Vladimir Putin and his regime. For this fight, he almost paid the highest price: his life. He has been bullied, harassed, imprisoned, arrested, poisoned and re-arrested countless times since 2006 and he’s still standing. He is truly committed to the freedom of thought. By awarding him the Sakharov Prize, we are also honouring numerous other people who have fallen victim to Putin’s regime in recent years. Alexei Navalny is therefore the icon of the resistance against the dictatorship in Moscow."

Peter van Dalen MEP, who put forward Mr Navalny’s candidacy.

President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, also added his support for, and his congratulations to, Alexei Navalny on his much deserved award.

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