Is Nigel Farage Spiralling Out Of Control?
August 2nd, 2017. \\ Politics. \\ Tags: UK, #Brexit.

Leading UK radio broadcaster LBC is facing growing pressure to sack politician-cum-presenter Nigel Farage MEP after being forced to retract a series of false and misleading claims he made on air.

The former UKIP leader hosts a regular show on the talk radio station but has become an increasing source of controversy and embarrassment after making a series of false and misleading statements.

Last week LBC was forced to issue a “clarification” after Farage falsely quoted a section from Article 50 — the legislation that will guide Britain’s exit from the EU.

The quote, which he held up on a piece of paper, was, in fact, an out-of-context and misleading excerpt from an entirely separate EU briefing about Article 50.

The incident caused a backlash on social media with Farage’s fellow host James O’Brien tweeting the question “why LBC would give him a platform is beyond understanding.”

On the same day LBC issued its “clarification”, the station also withdrew a trailer for Farage’s show after staff discovered what they judged to be another false claim by Farage, sources tell Business Insider.

According to the journal Business Insider, sources at the station said that the trailer contained a quote from Farage in which he made an untrue claim about the size of the SNP delegation at Westminster.

The trailer was quietly taken down by staff without any further retraction.

All this follows comments that Farage made on LBC in December 2016 attacking the charitable group Hope not Hate, seemingly linking Brendan Cox, husband of murdered MP Jo Cox, backing those who pursue violent and undemocratic means.”

Cox backs the charity through his wife’s memorial fund.

Following Farage’s refusal to issue a retraction and apology, Hope Not Hate filed a libel claim in the high court for damages up to £100,000.

Nick Lowles, chief executive of the group, was quoted in The Guardian at the time as saying “This case is not about money. It’s about Hope not Hate saying no more to Nigel Farage’s fake news. We are an avowedly peaceful organisation and Nigel Farage’s lies are deeply damaging to the vital work we do bringing communities together across cultural and religious divides.”

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