Nigel Farage: Americans Should Worry About The Jews

Nigel Farage has, apparently, now exhausted every avenue of contrarianism, and so in desperation, following in the tradition of the far-right has, as many had previously anticipated, laid the blame upon 'The Jews'.

During a discussion on the involvement of Russia in US elections, he stated that "there’s something Americans should worry about more than Russian meddling: Jews".

“There are other very powerful lobbies in the United States of America, and the Jewish lobby, with its links with the Israeli government, is one of those strong voices,” Farage said on his London-based radio show.

A caller then asked Farage if American lawmakers are "in the pockets" of Israel. To this, Farage said, "In terms of money and influence yes they are a very powerful lobby."

Jewish civil rights groups immediately condemned his comments.

“Nigel Farage’s comments about the role of a powerful ‘Jewish lobby’ in America plays into deep-seated anti-Semitic tropes about supposed Jewish control of government,” Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt told Newsweek. “This is fuel for white supremacists who exploit and spread conspiracy theories about ‘evil, controlling Jews.’”

Conflating a Jewish and Israeli lobby is not only conspiratorial and false, said Greenblatt, but could “have the unintended consequence of encouraging anti-Semites and extremists to exploit them.”

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Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright

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