The Night Of The Long Knives?

Former Chairman of the Conservative party, Grant Shapps, has called on Prime Minister Theresa May to resign.

Following a disastrous - some may say 'Pythonesque' - speech at the close of this week's party conference, Mrs May is said to be facing a rebellion by 30 Conservative lawmakers - this number approaches the number of party parliamentarians signatures required to force a leadership election (15%, or 48, of the governing party's 316 MPs).

“I think she should call a leadership election... the writing is on the wall,” Shapps said.

Mrs May's decision to call a snap General Election earlier this year led to a catastrophic result, and the loss of her parliamentary majority. Many party members expected her immediate resignation. 

I think there will be quite a few people who will now be pretty firmly of the view that she should resign... ​I find it increasingly difficult to see a way forward at the moment and it worries me... The Tory Party conference was the great opportunity to reboot the party and therefore reboot the country, to give it a clear sense of direction and that didn’t happen. So yes, I am concerned.

Former Culture Minister Ed Vaizey​

The UK's bargaining position in the Brexit negotiations is seen by many to be seriously compromised by this ongoing debacle.

Following this week's conference, Sterling slipped to its lowest against the dollar in a month. The pound fell to as low as $1.3060 in morning trade in London, its weakest since Sept. 7 and down almost half a percent on the day.

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