Elections represent a "Green Wave of Hope!"

Green parties in Bavaria, Luxembourg and Belgium have enjoyed electoral successes in polls in each country over the weekend.

They made gains across the board, at the expense of both centre right and Socialist parties.

Commenting on the electoral successes of the European Green Party co-chairs Monica Frassoni and Reinhard Bütikofer issued a statement on  Tuesday.

It reads, “In Belgium, Luxembourg and Bavaria this weekend, European Green parties have witnessed very good electoral successes.  It almost looks like a ‘Green wave’.

"These successes come on the basis of reliable work for citizens’ concerns. Listening to them, Greens have shown strong values and refused to bend to the tilt to the right that other parties have fallen for.  Greens have highlighted the urgency of a green transformation to combat climate change and pursue social justice.  Greens have shown a positive vision on Europe remaining open to the world.

"The Greens did brilliantly in Belgium with exceptional results by both the French and Dutch-speaking Green parties. Every single Green party in local government in Belgium won more voters in comparison to the previous elections and parties in opposition also made important gains.   In Antwerp, Groen succeeded in doubling their result.

“Across the border in Luxembourg, the Greens increased their share of the vote by 50 percent after 5 years in government, which is a huge vote of confidence for their role as part of the governing coalition.

“In Bavaria, the Greens are now the biggest party in Munich and the main opposition to the formerly unassailable CSU. They attained all three of their campaign targets of ending CSU-only government, becoming the second strongest party, and exceeding a two-digit result across Bavaria.

“The Green vote in all 3 countries demonstrates how by putting hope instead of fear and compassion instead of hate, it is possible to be successful electorally.

“These victories can now galvanise the Green movement to gather strength and better organise to continue to attract new voters.  We will use this wind in our sails to prepare for the European Elections in May 2019 diligently.  Greens are offering change for the better and we warmly embrace the new support that voters have afforded us.”

Image: Wyre Forest Green Party

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