Italy's Salvini Seen Doing The Kremlin's Work Again.

Italy's far-right Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said on Monday that plans for euro zone reform due to be presented by France and Germany are unlikely to get Italy’s backing. 

“If, as it seems, it damages Italy, it will never have our support,” Salvini told reporters in Milan, a city in which he once called for racial segregation on public transport.

France and Germany are to lay out plans for a limited joint euro zone budget focused, for now, solely on financing investment, French Finance Ministry sources have said. 

Italy is at loggerheads with the European Commission and many euro zone governments over Rome’s expansionary 2019 budget which the Commission has rejected, saying it fails to bring down the deficit as required by EU rules.

Marine Pen Salvini

Salvini's party, Lega Nord, which has taken to rebranding itself in order to shake off its traditional facist affiliations, has come under scrutiny due to its cosy relationship with the Kremlin. 

Certainly this latest undermining of EU unity will please Vladimir Putin, whose ruling party, United Russia, has signed a co-operation deal with the Italian party, thus deepening Russia’s ties with Europe’s populist movements, such as the French Front Nationale, Britain's UKIP, and the Greek Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, amongst others.

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