"Not A Penny More", Says Rabb - "Deal Still Possible", Says Hunt. UK Brexit Strategy Appears Confused...

Despite a failed attempt at diplomatic engagement with the EU negotiating team Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, who travelled to Brussels for unscheduled talks with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier yesterday (Oct 14th), Britain’s Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said today that a Brexit deal with the European Union was possible with goodwill, but that there were issues still outstanding. 

Negotiators from both sides failed to bridge the gap in intense weekend talks, particularly on the issue of the UK - Irish border, before a high-stakes EU summit on Wednesday and Thursday. 

“I think everyone in the UK should have confidence that this prime minister, Theresa May, will never sign a deal that is not compatible with the letter and spirit of the referendum result,” Hunt told reporters on arriving for EU foreign ministers talks in Luxembourg on Monday. 

“But we also firmly believe that we can find a deal on that basis that works for the European Union and our partners and friends in Europe.”

Raab stated over the weekend that if no deal were to be reached, then the UK would not pay "a penny more" than that was "legally obliged" after Brexit. 

The words "legally obliged", of course, which might be described as "weaselly" leave the door open to all manner of concessions from Theresa May's government, while the still present a strong, but increasingly unconvincing front.

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Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright

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