Presidential Elections-2019 In Ukraine: Rabinovich, Vakarchuk & Zelenskiy to Gain The Most From Hesitant Voters

According to the second autumn survey, taken in late October 2018, should the presidential elections in Ukraine be held ‘this Sunday’ the most probable winners would be the leader of the Batkivschyna Party Yulia Tymoshenko (14.0%), the incumbent President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko (12.7%), and the leader of “Za Zhittya” Party Vadym Rabinovich (11.7%).

The other candidates are likely to enjoy more modest support: Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and Yuriy Boyko (11.2% both), Volodymyr Zelenskiy (10.3%), Anatoliy Gritsenko (8.7%), Oleg Lyashko (6.8%), and Andriy Sadoviy (1.8%).

For the first time, to define the voters’ choice more exactly the research officers conducted extended interviews with the hesitating voters, i.e. those who already decided to vote but couldn’t name the exact candidate. As a result, this approach has noticeably shifted the pattern obtained previously. While asked to define their choice more accurately, the bigger part of hesitating voters stated that they’re likely to give their votes to Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (7.2%), Vadym Rabinovich (6.3%), and Volodymyr Zelenskiy (5.1%). The poll embraced the politicians that are most likely to participate in the elections.

The international research center BURI (The Belgium-Ukraine Research Institute) conducted the survey in Ukraine from October 25 to October 31, 2018. Total quantity of respondents equaled 2012 individuals (representational sample). The survey method – direct interviews. Error margin is 2.2%.

Table 1 Table 2

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