Trump pleases Moscow.... yet again!

In early February of this year, an article by Russian military analysts who, writing in the Military Review magazine, rejoiced that Donald Trump was acting in their interests, caught my eye, writes Kseniya Kirillova.

At that time, the Russians named two of Trump’s “main achievements”: firstly, the organization of a visit by those heads of Russian special services who had been sanctioned by the US, for a meeting during which, in the opinion of the author of the article, one Viktor Kamenev, Trump, under the pretext of "combating terrorism", discussed his opposition to the investigation of Russian interference in the American elections.

Secondly, Trump's main accomplishment, according to the Russian military, is his struggle with key American institutions and attempts to destroy the intelligence community. "The publication of the Devin Nunes's report and the scrutiny of the materials presented in it portends a large-scale purge of the FBI, other US special services and the Department of Justice, and a political earthquake in Congress. The special services are the main institution of American democracy, and if Trump defeats them, then the days of the fake globalist press and the Congress that has fallen into senility are numbered," Kamenev exulted.

At the same time, if we leave out the typical propaganda epithets like "fake", "globalist" or "fallen into senility", it is obvious that this statement reveals the whole essence of what the Kremlin expected from Trump: the destruction of the mechanism of separation of powers, free press and independent judiciary and law enforcement.

Less than half a year later, Trump once again earned praise from Moscow, although this time it was expressed not by the military, but by the Russian political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko.

Ex-Ukrainian analyst Ishchenko is known for being quite close to the Kremlin, and also for his amazing frankness. For example, it was he who recognized three years ago that the leaders of the so-called "DNR" and "LNR" are Russian puppets, completely controlled by Moscow.

This time Ishchenko's revelations were no less touching. In an article entitled "Thanks to Comrade Trump", the Kremlin analyst openly admits that only Donald Trump should be personally thanked for the Russian-European rapprochement.

"It is him that we should be grateful to for Europe coming to its senses... It has never happened before that French President Emmanuel Macron (symbolizing the EU), Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (personifying the US Eastern allies) and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde (representing international financial organizations) would have acted as no more than the retinue of the Russian president, without even trying to hide their lower status in relation to Vladimir Putin...

Merkel, Macron, Abe, Lagarde are the cream of the crop of the globalist establishment, people who cemented the foundation of the US power over the collective West, yet they have suddenly turned out to be not just the extras at Putin's event, but they also actively and sincerely criticized the US... They have not yet left Washington but are already looking for the way out and are closely studying the alternative leader. So, what happened and what does it have to do with Trump?" asks Ishchenko.

Further, the Kremlin analyst explains that while trying to implement his policy, Trump automatically stepped on the interests not only of China, but also of the EU and Japan.

If an earlier partnership with the United States provided Europe with the opportunity to save money on defense and to receive good dividends, while also receiving a share from the robbery of the rest of the world, it turned out that for the sake of its salvation, the US, deprived of the opportunity to rob the rest of the world, decided to proceed with robbing Europe. The EU decided to defend itself. But for this purpose, there has to be an alternative to the system for ensuring security and economic development provided by America. And only Russia can provide it... the other allies also remembered their "permanent interests" and the US found itself in a situation where they are threatened with isolation if allies switch to Russia. Thanks to Trump and his good intentions

Rostislav Ishchenko

At the end of these revelations, one can only quote the statement of the famous Russian opposition politician Garry Kasparov.

"In January 2017, I proposed a "Putin's wish list", to explain what he most wanted from Trump. Lifting sanctions was #1, but Flynn got caught and blew it up. A trade war with NATO allies was #2," Kasparov recalled in his Twitter account, commenting on the beginning of the" trade war "between the US and the EU.

As we can see, Trump not only fully satisfies Moscow's wishes, but in some respects even "overdelivers" on them.

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Kseniya Kirillova

Kseniya Kirillova

Kseniya Kirillova is a Russian journalist focussing on analysing Russian society, political processes in modern Russia, and the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict. She writes for Radio Liberty and other outlets and is an expert of the Ukrainian Centre for Army, Сonversion, and Disarmament studies.

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