US Attorney Calls For More Info About Nigel Farage MEP In Relation To Russian Interference In US Politics

US attorney Robert Mueller has asked for more details about Nigel Farage during his investigation into Russian interference in US politics, it has been reported by the Independent. 

Prosecutors working for Mr Mueller apparently questioned conservative commentator Jerome Corsi¸ who is expected to be indicted for perjury, about the former Ukip leader. 

Mr Mueller has been tasked with heading up the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections and has so far interrogated Mr Corsi for more than 40 hours. 

The 72-year-old former Washington bureau chief for has been under scrutiny for months in relation to the hacking and leaking of emails from Hilary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.   

He believes he will be indicted for perjury after he said he inadvertently misspoke while being questioned. 

Farage has repeatedly denied he has had any involvement with the Russians, and claims that he has not been contacted by anyone from Mr Mueller’s team.

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Phillipe Jeune

Phillipe Jeune

Phillipe Jeune is a Paris-based freelance journalist, and an occasional contributor to EU Today. He has a background in intelligence gathering, and he specialises in business matters, with a particular interest in Central Asia and the Middle East.

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