Boris Johnson: “I will obey the law, but we will come out on October 31st."

Boris Johnson has said he will "wait and see what the judges say" before deciding whether to recall Parliament, according to the BBC.

The Supreme Court is to hear two appeals that will determine whether the prime minister acted lawfully in suspending Parliament for five weeks.

It will give the final ruling after Edinburgh's Court of Session said the shutdown was illegal and London's High Court said it was not a court matter.

Mr Johnson said he had the "greatest respect for the judiciary".

However, he stated on Monday that whilst he would obey the law, he would still take Britain out of the European Union at the end of October with or without a deal. 

A law passed by Britain’s parliament this month requires Johnson to ask the EU for a three-month delay to Brexit if a deal is not approved by October 19th though British media reports have said that his team are looking at ways to circumvent it. 

Asked during an interview with the BBC how he would get round the law, Johnson said: “I will uphold the constitution, I will obey the law, but we will come out on October 31st."

The suspension of Parliament, a process known as proroguing, began a week ago.

MPs are not scheduled to return until October 14th, when there will be a Queen's Speech outlining Mr Johnson's legislative plans. 

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