Boris Johnson urged to find a gender-suitable UK Commissioner, and quickly!

File this one under "You couldn't make it up!" Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission's incoming President, plans to take office on December 1st, but there is a slight problem - the UK, believing it would be out of the EU by now, has yet to even nominate its own Commission candidate.

The obvious choice would be to allow the current commissioner, Sir Julian King, to stay in place, but herein lies a problem - Sir Julian is, of course, a man.

Von der Leyen, whose ascent to power is already delayed by one month insists on a gender-balanced Commission. 

Should Boris Johnson nominate a gender-acceptable candidate today, this will allow just three weeks for the process of formal proposal, acceptance and vetting by the European Parliament - never a straight forward procedure. 

Three other member states have yet to have their candidates approved, but the process is far more advanced than in the UK's case.

Von der Leyen is, in fact, rumoured to be active already in the halls of power of the Berlaymont, the Commission's headquarters in Brussels. 

Enthusiasm is a great virtue, but the Eurocrats will soon knock that out of her.

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