Brexit: Boris Johnson rejects Nigel Farage's offer of an 'alliance'

Boris Johnson has unequivocally rejected Nigel Farage's offer of an alliance at the general election as he told voters the only way to guarantee Brexit will happen is to support the Conservative Party at the ballot box.

Farage has threatened that his so-called 'Brexit Party' will contest every seat across England, Scotland and Wales on December 12th unless the Prime Minister ditches his EU divorce deal. 

Johnson has dismissed the offer in a move which is likely to disappoint Donald Trump, the US President, who last night urged the PM to strike a deal with Farage.

The PM ignored Mr Trump's plea as he claimed a vote for any party other than the Tories would risk putting Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10, telling ITV: 'I may respectfully say to all our friends around the world... that the only way to get this thing done is to vote for us.' 

He added: 'Vote for this government because unfortunately as I tried to point out if you vote for any other party the risk is you’ll just get Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, dither and delay, not just one referendum next year but two referendums.' 

In a separate interview with the BBC, he said 'voting for any other party' would be 'basically tantamount to putting Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street'. 

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